Phyllis Koster

Phyllis Koster

hand weaver

I have spent 40 years learning, designing, weaving and selling my work at major craft fairs, galleries, and at Weaving, Ink gallery - co-owned with my husband.  In those 40 years I have come to understand the value of producing tangible works of art.  The satisfaction and self-esteem gained from working with one's hands cannot be overestimated.
I enjoy and understand people with disabilities from my years as a parent of a son on the Autism Spectrum  and as a substitute teacher for the Lincoln Intermediate Unit #12.  Weaving requires patience and perseverance, and I have learned those two qualities well.  Teaching requires those qualities along with the desire to share knowledge and art-making.  I think that weaving provides the opportunity to learn patience and perseverance and requires students to plan, cooperate and follow through on ideas.
Weaving is a pleasurable activity because it addresses the sensory integration needs of many people with and without disabilities, from the tactile input of yarns to the proprioceptive activity of the beating of the fabric.  Weaving can be a contemplative process once one becomes familiar with the steps.  
I visualize projects such banners, scarves, table mats and runners - all of which can woven during a residency.   

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