MacCloskey and Myers

MacCloskey and Myers

Acting, Improvisation, Film

Improvisation is the art of acting in the moment. Acting through improvisation is a powerful way to equip children and adults with the confidence to express themselves thoughtfully and without hesitation. The rules of improvisation are good rules for life. Awareness, agreement, heightening and exploring themes, making your partner look good and above all cooperation make good improv and good interpersonal relations. We are thrilled to offer the tools of improvisation and acting to give students an opportunity to interact in a genuine human environment instead of the impersonal virtual environment so many are thrust into today.

We'll have fun surprising ourselves with situations and characters that pop out of thin air while we're learning the principles of improvisation. Through creative interactions, we'll strengthen cooperation and story building skills. We'll play theatre games that emphasize developing imagination, focus, teamwork and creative problem-solving. We'll apply improvisational acting tools to academic subject matter in a fun and memorable way. We provide a safe and positive environment where students can feel free to express themselves and experiment creatively.

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Age Range:
Early Childhood, Elemendary, Middle, Secondary, Adult, Senior