Jason Reed

Jason Reed


I am a graduate of the Julliard School in dance.  Even as a "late bloomer," the short and long term affects the arts can have in one's life became apparent to me in my early twenties.  Visual and Performing Arts are essential for a well-rounded education for students.  The impact of participating in the arts -- the discipline, the joy of rhythm and movement, the relationship to many cultures -- reaches beyond formal education to their future employment, family and life.  It was this realization that set in motion my career path of bring the arts to students.  Whenever I am working with students of any age, I try to not only share my passion but encourage them to feel good about moving with being self-conscious, to take risks, and to embrace grit and tenacity.  In my classes, young dancers don't fail -- they try.  Fear of failure inhibits learning.  The ability to confront fear allows for greater growth, focus, and joy.  In the end, I believe each student will be happier and more successful -- on the dance floor, in other classes, and ultimately, in the family and community.

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