Ellen Ehlenbeck

Ellen Ehlenbeck


I love to paint!  My watercolor style is expressionistic, far more than realistic.  For me, it's not enough to simply reproduce what I see - there are cameras for that.  As an artist, I like to reach deep into my subject to capture its essence, the thing that makes it unique.  And as a teacher, I encourage students to do the same thing - to look beyond the obvious, to have the courage to find their own expression.
Building on the basics of form, color and composition, I will help students combine individual experiences, historical events, and personal feelings into unique visual creations.  As an art history instructor, I can demonstrate how artists used their art to respond to the times and portray their personal feelings.  As a graphic designer, I can guide students in the creation of artwork that incorporates sequences and proportion.
My goal is to provide a memorable, enjoyable learning experience for students, no matter what age they might be.  I look forward to bringing my enthusiasm and artistic skills into the classroom, meeting the students where they are and taking them on a wonderful artistic journey of self-awareness, revelation and understanding. 

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Age Range:
upper elementary, secondary, adults, seniors