Carol Clark Williams

Carol Clark Williams


People communicate most directly through art: both visual and literary art are aimed directly at human emotion and awareness. Collaborating on the arts brings a sense of community, freedom and joy. We are all born with the instinctive need to create. Other people's artistic explorations give permission to those who wish to realize their own creativity.

Even in these times of "teaching to the test", I-pods, Facebook and Kindle, there is still a need for the discipline, focus, and creative thought processes involved in poetry. Poetry has been described as "the best words in the best order." Practicing the art of poetry can help a student to become a more creative, polished writer in every aspect of the curriculum. Reading poetry aloud improves confidence and communication skills.

I want to share the art of poetry from the basic concrete shapes to complex poetic forms, and help my students to achieve the freedom and joy of using language to its highest capacity

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Middle, Secondary, Adult, Senior