Brett Greiman

Brett Greiman


My experience with teaching a very wide variety of people has molded me into an artist skilled in knowing how to work with all challenges.  I've helped people from age five up through teens and early twenties as well as seniors, well into their eighties who are searching to find their own creative voice.  I understand the group dynamics as well as the individual aspects of teaching.  I've successfully worked with those facing mental and/or physical challenges.  For four summers, I worked with Harrisburg inner-city youth assisting them in finding the joys, skills, and challenges of working together as a group to bring the Murals of Reservoir Park into being.  I've learned how artists, business, and government can work together to make things happen and have developed the patience needed to get thing happening even when so many entities are involved.  In the twelve years I taught at Bradley Academy, I participated in four educational seminars per year covering many aspects of enhancing the teaching experience.

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Elementary, Middle, Secondary, Adults, Seniors