Kate Reynolds

Kate Reynolds

Paper and Book Maker

I carry twenty-plus years of experience in art and design, including graphic design and interior design, papermaking and booking making, and photography. While studying art in France, I discovered the Paper Museum in Basel, Switzerland, where I first made paper and fell in love the process. The artwork I produce is much more than using art techniques and processes. In papermaking and bookmaking art, students will see how math, science, history, literacy and even problem solving skills apply. We will use these and other techniques to systematically and logically work through a project. With positive group critiquing sessions students will expand their artistic vocabulary while explaining their artistic concepts. The results will include developing teamwork, while learning and having fun.

I am always looking for new inspirations and subject, keeping a sketch book available to record and brainstorm these thoughts. Often they become quickly tangible, and sometimes they remain lying dormant in the sketch book only to be resurrected at a later time. I enjoy have several bodies of work progressing concurrently.

The materials and process in each of my projects generate from traditional, digital and organize resources. I allow the subject and message to command the theme and materials used. Each of my works is unique in itself but my methodology remains consistent. I always set out with a plan, but so detailed that it won't let the artwork take on its own form and personality as it develops and I encourage others to do the same.

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Early Childhood, Elemendary, Middle, Secondary, Adult, Senior