Cheryl Kugler

Cheryl Kugler


I am curious.  I am imaginative.  Together, that curiosity and imagination base the artwork that I create.  People say that my work is expressive, vibrant and engaging.  I find it as a way to express and share the goodness I see in the simplicities of life.
Expressive mark making, line and form, builds depth and emotion.  Vibrant color pops from canvas like the rich raspberry-pinks of a peony or sunshine yellow of a fall maple tree.  Shared giggles between childhood girlfriends come to life in an illustration for children's literature.  A photograph captures emotion -- joy, intensity, and contentment -- of a person in the element that inspires them.
I bring that same curiosity and imagination to creative endeavors with elders.
In artful sessions that are no rights or wrongs.  Artist or not, they are encouraged to be curious and imaginative.  Participants are rewarded with ample opportunity to make creative choices in art appreciation, painting, hands-on craft, and music-inspired art.  It's all about enhancing their happiness, well-being and dignity.  Social engagement is inevitable.  Art allows them meaningful expression.  And they master a skill or two.  As facilitator it is fun to see their unique responses:
  • How might a story or memory be uncovered and shared in their work?
  • Will choice of color be their inspiration or evoke an emotion?
  • In an art appreciation session using drumming, how will they express their view of a painting with drumbeats?
  • Will their art express happiness, be contemplative, or will they simply enjoy mastering the making of colors, line and form?
Purposeful and collaboratively planned creative sessions are adaptive to elders' physical and cognitive abilities and functions.

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