Barnstormers with RockCandy Cloggers

Barnstormers with RockCandy Cloggers

Folk Musicians

The Barnstormers and RockCandy Cloggers provide an unforgettable immersion into the many joys of folk music. With over 100 years of combined experience, Candy Ranlet, Rock Howland, Slim Harrison, and Tom Jolin are teamed for toe tapping, energetic performances. They perform, then demonstrate, then teach the students: 1. construct dulcimer and psalteries for the school to keep; 2. clog; 3. folk dance; 4. write songs of current relevancy; 5. folk instrument performance and 6. play jug band music.

Residencies start with a dazzling opening concert and end with an old fashion, community hoedown in which the students perform.

Philosophy: be kind, nurture, inspire and bring pleasure through music.

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Age Range:
Early Childhood, Elementary, Middle, Secondary, Adult, Senior