Amy Kaye (AK) Mullen Johnson

Amy Kaye (AK) Mullen Johnson


My aspirations as an artist are dedicated to teaching and site-specific dance. Dance encourages physical, emotional, social, and intellectual growth. Engaging the students through the multiple intelligences enables them to grasp education in its fullest, body, mind, and spirit.

As a dance teacher I focus on building a community, cultivating artistry and developing a sense of creative growth through self-expression and risk taking. These skills will improve physical and cognitive capabilities. I have extensive experience as a teacher, performer, and choreographer, most recently in Prince Edward Island, Canada; Fulton Theatre, and Greater York Dance. I have also taught in Colorado, Russia, D.C., and many communities in PA. In addition to teaching Modern, Ballet, Jazz and Creative Movement, I love to choreograph site-specific dances that are inspired by the surrounding atmosphere and integrate video technology. I believe the core of learning happens when we recognize we are all students and teachers simultaneously.

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Age Range:
Elementary, Middle, Secondary